The real estate market changes day by day, but one thing that never changes is the profitability of garages, parking lots and spaces in the most in-demand parking market in the U.S. In many ways, parking garages, parking lots and spaces represent some of the last remaining properties still ripe for development, and to help you realize that potential from a company at the forefront of the industry, The Heller Organization is here to help.

With more than $450 million in parking industry transactions in New York City to date, The Heller Organization offers a history of success combined with an intrinsic understanding of the garage and parking real estate market. As the founder of The Heller Organization, Scott Heller maintains an unparalleled reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and influential parking garage brokers throughout New York’s five boroughs – skills that have resulted in the achievement of over 150 high-end lot and garage deals thus far in his career.

The garage market can be an insular one, and The Heller Organization has established relationships with the vast majority of Manhattan’s most powerful and influential parking garage owners and operators throughout New York. We bring with us these vital relationships with many owners and operators that go back decades, and these connections have directly led to superb development opportunities both for our company as well as for our clients on an ongoing basis.

The Heller Organization is here to assist you with everything from garage sales, leases, management and licensing agreements, to development and consulting support, so please contact us today for further information on our services.

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