Investment Properties

Investment Properties

The Heller Organization has a proven talent for identifying and negotiating prime real estate assets throughout the New York metropolitan area, combined with a passion for maximizing opportunities and investments. As a full-service real estate investment firm, we’re skilled at achieving the best outcomes for our clients -- getting top dollar for sellers, while offering creative and skilled support for buyers like you so that you always get the best possible price.

Each of the seasoned agents on our team brings a shared commitment, integrity, and years of experience to the table. We’ve built a reputation for discovering off-market opportunities, and our skills in networking and relationship-building on the local level have also helped us to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. This has directly resulted in an extensive database of customers including all of the major investors, institutions, agencies, and individuals who are active in real estate – from Manhattan, to strong regional presences across the country.

The Heller Organization works with a variety of property types large and small, from development sites and residential and commercial buildings, to mixed-use investment buildings, retail condominiums, end-user buildings, hospitality, garages, parking lots, and more. We work with small, medium and large developers, and provide a full array of impressive consulting services, to support you on everything from market insights to research, pro formas, trend analysis, evaluation, and project management as needed.

We understand the power of branding and promotion, so we take particular care to emphasize those opportunities in our support on investment properties. We pay attention to every detail on your advertising and promotion, ensuring that everything from your advertising and promotion to your multimedia, print materials and other collateral are powerful tools in closing the deal.

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