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Marketing Sales and Leasing

Marketing a property begins during the design phase of the development. Extensive market research specific to the subject property is the key to designing a building that will be well received by the market. The Heller Organization's marketing team actively shops competing properties and utilizes its relationships with an extensive network of industry professionals to ensure the proper unit mix, sizing and style for the project.

During construction and upon completion of the building, The Heller Organization implements marketing strategies specific to each project. The team’s experience in the marketing, sales and leasing of thousands of units allows us to provide these services in-house. Rather than contract with an exclusive outside residential marketing and leasing agent, the in-house team works directly for the project, works within the set marketing budget, implements our strategies, and works with all outside brokers to fill the building.

Our vision for each building is an exercise in originality, quality and superior design. Creating a product that is well received in the marketplace is an ongoing effort that begins with a close collaboration with the architect and design team. It carries through construction, and is brought to life by our in-house team of sales and leasing professionals.

Our marketing efforts are crafted to produce specific performance metrics. Targeting a qualified audience is the hallmark of our marketing campaigns. We don’t subscribe to the idea of casting a wide net by spending untold amounts of money on mass advertising. Instead, our budgets are carefully crafted and implemented to produce specific measurable results. This very advanced technical strategy is measurable on a daily basis, and has proven to be successful on every project.