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Successful developments begin long before a shovel hits the ground. Bringing an experienced team to the table is the most important step of the process. The Heller Organization’s vast knowledge and resources provide insight as to how a site should be developed so as to maximize the highest and best use for the land. By engaging The Heller Organization’s team, a land owner benefits from years of experience and the ability to provide direction from conception to completion of a project. The Heller Organization provides the client with detailed information relating to all aspects of the proposed development including:

Pre-Development Budget

A line item budget detailing expected expenses leading up to construction.

Investment Summary

Complete investment summary including development costs, cash flows and expenses following completion and multiple measures of rate-of-return on investment.

Team Procurement

We work side by side with the top architects, engineers, consultants and contractors in the business. Our relationships ensure these firms place the “A” teams on our projects.

Financial Management

The Heller Organization's in-house financial managers keep detailed records of every expense relating to the project. This information is at the owner's fingertips at all times.

Construction Loan

The Heller Organization prepares all financial, construction and development packages for lenders in order to procure a construction loan. We also work closely with the legal team in crafting the loan documents once the loan is completed. Our vast experience in procuring construction loans and working on loan documents dating back to the 1990’s is a distinct advantage in a challenging lending environment.

Contractor Selection

On behalf of the owner, we negotiate the contractor agreements and subcontractor contracts in conjunction with the CM or GC in order to procure the best team at the best pricing.