About Ina

Ina is a detail-oriented professional specializing in retail and office leasing in Manhattan. Helping clients find their “ideal” space and guiding them, gives her great pleasure.
Whether you are a start-up, seasonal operator or expanding your business, Ina will help you smoothly navigate through the process. Some of Ina’s notable clients include: Davey’s Ice Cream, Poke Inn, Boundless Plain Espresso, Darwin Health and The Financial Gym.

Having spent many years in the apparel industry, she understands the importance of creating an allure that captures a client and the need to achieve a client’s desired results. In the process, she will assist you with establishing the parameters for your business search: determining the location, size and budget plan. 

When not working, Ina enjoys going to the theater and live music; and she shares these interests with her incredible group of friends. With a passion for cooking and entertaining, her home is a gathering place for good friends, good times and good cheer.