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The Heller Organization, Inc., Adam Heller, and The Heller Organization (collectively, “HELLER”), sellers and each of their respective principals, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns (collectively, “Seller Group”) disclaim any and all liability for any inaccuracy, errors or omissions contained herein or in any material, whether pertaining to any property or advertisement or otherwise, all of which is subject to the examination and validation of any party reviewing and/or relying on it. No investigation, review or guaranty is or has been made as to the accuracy of any information provided by Seller Group, whether same is obtained from outside sources or otherwise. The delivery of any information shall not create any agency relationship between any parties, including recipient and Seller Group or any member thereof. All information provided or made available by Seller Group is subject to corrections, errors and omissions and, should any errors or omissions be found, same shall not annul any sale or rental, nor entitle any purchaser or any other to be relieved of any adjustment of price or other obligation. All offers must be based on each offeror’s own investigation only. No oral representation may be relied upon. All offerings may be withdrawn, modified or canceled without notice at any time. All persons are specifically advised to refrain from relying on the information provided by Seller Group as a basis for evaluating, valuing or making a bid on any property.


All sizes, sums, numbers, dollar amounts, square footage, projections and dimensions (collectively, “Sums”) are approximate and only based on available information; actual sums may vary. Buyers and renters are encouraged to conduct thorough inspections of properties and to review any information that may be accessible through public record or otherwise pertaining to any property they contemplate purchasing. Buyers and renters should also conduct all of their own investigations pertaining to the buildability, conformity and all other matters concerning the property, including consulting the appropriate building department(s) or agency(its) with jurisdiction. Each bidder, along with its legal counsel and other professionals, should review, prior to renting or purchasing, all due diligence information, including but not limited to that which is provided by Seller Group, which is provided for informational purposes only. By accessing information provided by HELLER on this site or elsewhere (including but not limited to any of our affiliated websites and/or applications, such as virtual data room(s), multiple listing site(s), and smart phone app(s)), you agree not to (a) circumvent or (b) seek in any way to circumvent HELLER in any manner regarding any interest in any property or opportunity presented herein, including but not limited to the purchase of any property presented herein. By providing (digitally, verbally, in print, in person, or otherwise) your email address to Seller Group, you grant Seller Group permission to send you emails and/or communications. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy to residents in states where registration requirements have not been fulfilled. 


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