About Joe

Joe is born and bred Brooklynite with a passion for travel. He has helped lease over 3,000 units in the past 10 years, with the majority of them above $3,500-$9,000 per month. Joe  grew up in a family of real estate developers. He specializes in residential and commercial  with an emphasis on marketing properties, as well as consulting for investing purposes.

Joe's  achievements include working with family and friends on buying and selling properties, renovating homes, and collaborating with developers to create new and unique construction projects. When it comes to Brooklyn real estate, Joe admires the city’s diverse communities and hustle bustle of the city. Joe says, “I am certain that Brooklyn has everything that anybody could ever need in a home, and that’s what I love about the city—its abundance in style and neighborhoods.” When it concerns his  clients, Joe believes in a philosophy of transparency. He says, “I feel creating something of value has to lead first with integrity, which then creates a solid foundation to do great business together.”

During his Spare time he can be found doing homework with his kids, or with friends checking out buildings in Williamsburg.