Suzanne Gourlay

Suzanne Gourlay brings an enlightened understanding to the real estate purchase process

for a number of reasons. From 20 years of living in Manhattan, to having bought a coop

apartment and navigated the process firsthand, to rearing children in the city with her

husband, well known architect/developer Garrett Gourlay, and with her degree in interior

design. Suzanne is well prepared walking her customers and clients through the complex

buying, selling, or leasing process.

Her international education and exposure, as well as her sharp business acumen have

prepared her well for matching customers to properties and negotiating though the murky

waters of complex deals. Suzanne’s early career experience brought her a wealth of

knowledge in project management as an account executive for the nation’s largest

commercial furniture dealership, overseeing multiple locations, and serving Fortune 500

companies. She transitioned from there into opening her own interior design company,

dealing in both commercial and residential spaces.

Suzanne is an expert in listening to her customers, envisioning their wishes, and

interpreting the use of space in various practical ways. Having this designer’s eye adds

another perspective to the buying or selling process. Suzanne can suggest ideas for space

planning or reconstruction to accommodate a customer’s needs, making it the most

desirable use of space for them. Combining the creative aspects of an interior design

background with more technical business experience, Suzanne is a consummate real

estate professional – hardworking, knowledgeable, with a passion for real estate, and

welcoming any challenge put before her.

Languages Spoken:    English

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